Energy + Thoughts = You

Do you ever think about how you direct your energy? Because we live in a world that is all energy, including each one of us, we each have the ability of consciously directing our energy to co-create with the Universe.

Our bodies are energy, the furniture we sit on is energy, the food we eat is energy and most importantly, the thoughts we think are the energies that create our inner and outer worlds. So, how does your inner world look and feel? What you create in your inner world through your thoughts is what shows up in your outer world. Are you happy with what you are seeing and experiencing?

As has been taught by Buddha, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill and many others, our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions develop into our habits and behaviors which then form and shape our character. Sprinkled amongst each development of our thought process are our emotions which subconsciously guide the process of our becoming who we are to become. Thus, our character becomes our destiny.

  • What are your most repetitive thoughts?
  • Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering?
  • Positive or negative?
  • Do you regularly take time to observe your thoughts?
  • Are you aware of your driving emotions?
  • Do you allow yourself to ‘feel’ your emotions?
  • What triggers an emotional response in you?
  • What are the words you say to yourself – are they supportive?
  • What habits have you developed over time?
  • Are your behaviors productive or self-destructive?
  • What beliefs have you formed from your life experiences?
  • What does your character say about you?

These are all essential questions in observing how you are being and thus, how the world you are creating for yourself is forming. You have the power to change your world through the thoughts that you think.

From the ages of 2 years to approximately age 7, you are like a sponge, observing and absorbing everything you see, hear, feel, taste and touch. Your senses are guiding you and you are experiencing energies at a heightened level through theta brain waves. All of the information that you are absorbing is being recorded in your subconscious mind and conjunctly you are giving meaning to your experiences which is then forming your belief system.

These beliefs that you create as a child are your inner programs that will eventually run the show into your adulthood. As it took years to form the beliefs through the experiences you had as a child, it can sometimes take years to become aware of the beliefs that are limiting your experience as an adult.

Once you begin observing your thoughts, words, emotions, actions, behaviors and habits, you may find that there is a need for an upgrade to your inner programming – a reboot so to speak. Think about it, computers get upgrades, you upgrade your appliances over time, your car, your clothes and probably most often – your cell phone. But, have you taken measures to upgrade your mind?

With over 70,000 thoughts entering our minds each day, we are overloaded with information. When the thoughts we think are repetitive, a rut is created in our neural pathways in the brain which is why we can get stuck in negative or unproductive behaviors. The good news is – this can all be changed. New neural pathways can be created to forge better thoughts, actions and behaviors that serve your well-being and highest good.

There are numerous modalities available to rewire your neural pathways; NLP (neuro linguistic programing), SVT (subconscious visualization technique) and RTT (rapid transformational therapy), to name a few. The brain is made up of 14-16 billion neurons that are responsible for communicating with every aspect of our physical bodies. The neuroplasticity in our brains is pliable and changeable and through epigenetics (a conversation for another day), we can even change our DNA.

Once you’ve begun to observe your thoughts, you may find that you are ready and perhaps overdue for an upgrade. As such, the modalities mentioned above may be a worthwhile exploration for you. You deserve to be living your best life and upgrading your mind can be the missing link you have yet to explore.

Since everything is energy, your mind included, it can all be changed and improved. Life is a journey that is made to be full of adventure, joy and freedom. Give your mind the freedom to choose new thoughts, the adventure of experiencing new ways of being and the joy of creating new, more empowering beliefs of who you are ready to become. The time to awaken to your infinite potential is now.

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