What is RTT?

RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy and is a method that provides quick, effective and lasting transformation.

Developed by Britain’s top therapist, Marisa Peer, RTT is a therapeutic approach that goes beyond traditional aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This rapid results modality has won numerous awards and is gaining momentum all across the world as the demand for rapid results takes precedence over the alternative; years of talk therapy.

Using trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning, the detective work and excavation of the root cause of the issue can be found by tapping into the subconscious mind. It is only through understanding the ‘when’ and ‘why’ you have formed a limiting belief, that you will be able to release it. Understanding is power and in hypnosis it is the ultimate power. Once you understand the when and why around your specific issue, you can reframe, heal and transform it – YOU ARE FREE!

An RTT session can assist with healing the body, addressing unresolved trauma, changing negative behavior, emotional release and ultimately reprogramming the subconscious mind for ongoing support of healthy behavior changes through the use of personalized audio recordings. RTT has been utilized in transforming a myriad of issues which include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Addictions

  • Stress

  • Memory

  • Relationships

  • Confidence

  • Sleep Problems

  • Skin Problems

  • OCD

  • Panic Attacks

  • Weight Issues

  • Public Speaking

  • Fertility

  • Guilt / Shame

  • Pain Control

  • Fears / Phobias

  • Trauma

  • Motivation

  • Physical Illness

  • Money Blocks

  • Relaxation

  • Emotional Health

If you have tried other methods or have been in therapy for years and feel as though you are not progressing in the way you would like – RTT has shown up in your life for a reason. This standalone method is rapid and aims to deliver transformation in a single 90-minute session. Some client issues however, may need up to 3 sessions.

Anxious about hypnosis? Please be assured that ‘A hypnotic state occurs normally in everyone when certain physiological and psychological conditions are met and a skilled hypnotherapist can use this state to make deep and lasting changes to thoughts, feelings and behavior.’ That being said, you are always in control as hypnosis is a natural state in which you feel increasing levels of relaxation and are not actually asleep. Hypnosis is the sleep of the nervous system.

Ready to see how RTT can free you from your habits, addictions or negative behaviors? Or maybe you just need more confidence so you can get out there and do some public speaking.

Either way, contact me today and let’s get you on the fast track to freedom from whatever is holding you hostage from living a BRITE LIFE!


An RTT Session includes a 90-minute session (up to 2 hrs) either by Zoom or in person if you are local to my area, a personalized recording that you will listen to for 21 days following your session and 3 follow-up calls.

If your particular issue may need more than 1 session, 2 or 3 session packages are available with a price break for multi-sessions.

Call now to schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call to discuss how RTT can help with your particular need.

RTT w/coaching is also available when you purchase the RTT Deluxe package. This package includes 1 RTT session and two 40-minute coaching calls per month over a 3-month period; for a total of 3 RTT sessions (1 specific issue or 3 separate issues) and six 40-minute coaching calls.


Colleen Elaine MillettColleen Elaine is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and an advocate for all things related to personal development and self-love. Her passion is fueled by helping women understand how past trauma and challenges can be alchemized into opportunities for growth and transformation. Through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), she uses regression and hypnotherapy to assist women in bringing their highest self forward by healing the past, understanding and releasing limiting beliefs and stepping into the present to claim their light! Sometimes a compassionate and gentle tour guide is all we need to embrace our brilliance.