Are Your Thoughts Manifesting as Illness?

Have you ever wondered why you suffer from a certain ailment? Or possibly why you consistently get an allergy attack during the same month every year? Our bodies are telling us that something is out of alignment and if we heed the call, we can suffer much less or end suffering altogether.

Your body is communicating with you. Are you listening?

Were you taught to listen to your body? To your thoughts or your emotions? Many of us were told some of these common phrases:

  • Suck it up
  • Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about
  • No, you can’t possibly feel that way
  • You shouldn’t think that
  • You’re not hurt, its just a scrape
  • Stop whining already
  • Big girls/boys don’t cry

The list really is endless as to the common phrases used by our parents, teachers, family members or authority figures. When we were young, we were taught to respect our elders and that they had the answers.

What is really disheartening though, is to realize that the people we trusted most to teach us how to navigate life were really unsure themselves in how to navigate life. They taught what they knew and what their parents taught them – tweaking things here and there, but basically more of the same.

When you know better, you do better.

If you didn’t like some of the things you were told or taught as a child, have you made a concerted effort to do better for your kids and generations to come?

Have you learned that not fully feeling your emotions can cause an upheaval of problems later in life?  …particularly in the way your body functions, heals or doesn’t heal?

Our bodies are meant to be our navigation system. That’s why our bodies are equipped with so many sensory mechanisms; eyes to see/observe, ears to hear, mouths to taste, fingers, toes and our skin to touch and feel. Our bodies are constantly taking in stimuli and recording the sensations and storing the memories in our DNA.

That is all well and good except when we are shut down and not allowed to feel or express our emotions. Those emotions that aren’t fully processed become ‘stuck’ energy within our bodies and over time can turn into physical ailments as more and more emotions are stuffed down.

If you are not familiar with Louise Hay or Caroline Myss, I encourage you to seek out their books and videos on emotional causes of illness. It is quite eye-opening to discover that your high blood pressure may be caused by unresolved emotional problems or that your depression is really suppressed anger that you don’t have a right to have.

Once you become aware of the repetitive thoughts and emotions that you have been repetitively thinking and/or feeling, a new understanding of your pain can pave the way for healing and transformation.

What is ailing you?

What are you harboring deep inside that needs and wants to be heard and to be felt?

You cannot heal what you are unwilling to feel.

Healing is available to everyone. It is a limiting belief to think that healing is not available to you. The human body is the most amazing organism in the world and it is designed to be self- healing.

You owe it to yourself to get in touch with your body, to listen to it, to nurture it, to feed it healthy food and to lovingly care for it.

Your body is your temple.

We aren’t always given the proper knowledge to be able to use our internal navigation system however, that can change when you are ready to take the deep dive into exploring YOU. Just for today, take a few minutes and get still – really listen to your body. Is there a tingling, an ache or some inflammation? In remaining still, ask you body what it is you need to know to bring healing to it. The body will let you know what it needs – you just have to have the patience and the want to listen for the answers it needs you to provide.